Low voltage heat shrink tubing

Low voltage heat shrink tubing

Model No.︰S2

Brand Name︰UPM heat Shrink

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 0.5 / m

Minimum Order︰200 m

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Product Description

 S2(n) Halogen Free Thin Wall Heat Shrink Tubing for General Purpose


   Insulation, Protection,Identification;      Flame retardant VW-1(except clear) ;
   Halogen free, Flexible ;      Wide range of colors  ;
   Shrink Ratio:2:1 & 3:1;     Voltage Class:600~1000 V.
 Typical application:
   Ideal for electrical insulation,strain relief,wire bonding and light harness jacketing;
   Common applications include electronic systems of subway, aircraft, submarine, control room facilities and sealed environment
  UL approval;     File No.:
 Cross reference:
  Raychem/Tyco : Versafit V2 / RNF-100.


IDS-135 Military Grade Heat Shrinkable UV Protection Sleeve for Markers


   Cross linked polyolefin ;      Flexible, highly flame-retardant.;
   Excellent printing property, permanent identification;      Shrink Ratio:2:1& 3:1;
   Excellent electrical, physical, chemical propertie.;      Military grade;
   RoHS and REACH compliant.    
 Typical application:
   Ideal for identification of wire and cables in industrial,military,aerospace and etc.
   UL224 125℃ 600V VW-1 ;    SAE AMS-DTL-23053/5;
   SAE AS 81531,MIL-STD-202.    


S6 Diesel Resistant Elastomeric Heat Shrinkable Tubing 

   Cross-linked specially formulated elastomeric compounds.;     Flexible, flame-retardant;
   Excellent resistance to oil, diesel and hydraulic fluids.;      Shrink Ratio:2:1 ;
   RoHS and REACH compliant.    
 Typical application:
  Suitable for resistance to aviation and diesel fuels, hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils, and chemical solvents;
   Ideal for the protection of cables, wiring harnesses and connectors in military vehicles and motorsport .

   S5 PVDF/Kynar Thin Wall Heat Shrink Tube                                                                                                                                                                            

   Semi-rigid, cross-linked thin wall PVDF ;      Excellent abrasion resistance;
   Excellent abrasion resistance;      Shrink Ratio:2:1  ;
   High Flame retardant VW-1;      Easy see-through inspection;
   High temperature protection.    
 Typical application:
   Designed for applications that requiring 175℃ high temperature protection.



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Standards Certificate︰ UL224

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